The Snap, development log: Day 27

Mac build (r118)
Windows build (r118)

Status: Abandoned project; will be spending the remaining time in the compo implementing a multiplayer version of VisiCalc.

Wait, that’s not it. What I meant to say is that I have implemented a replica of the Apple // text display system which will allow me to do Apple // style menus. In addition to being STYLIZED, these will hopefully be more functional than the old menus once they are done. Huge thanks here to Gerard Putter who allowed me to use his extraction of the Apple //c character set.

If you want to play with the Apple // mode, enter F6 at the menu screen (you can also enter F6 after the game has started for bizarre results). Once in this mode: use arrow keys to move around, type to enter letters, hold down control and type a decimal number to enter a special character, use F1 to save the screen to disk, press F2 to load it again, F3 to enter/leave invert mode and F4 to show/hide the cursor.

This still needs some work, in particular I have made no effort yet to make Apple // pixels map cleanly to screen pixels so there are problems with aliasing and funny-looking seams between characters (click to see PROBLEMS):

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