The Snap, development log: Day 32

Mac build (r151)
Windows build (r151)

Status: Still pretty sick and progress is very slow. A little alarmed because I’d been hoping I’d be able to use this 3 day weekend as crunch time– I’m certain I’m going to meet the deadline but I’m starting to get worried about which features will or won’t make it in. I got a good way along on the player config screen but it’s still got issues, in particular you can’t pick anything other than the keyboard so I can’t remove the “old” menus yet. I’m using inverse text to denote selection on the player config screen so I switched the level picker screen to use inverse text for selection also– that >SELECTION< thing was extremely aesthetically pleasing to me but oh well, it was also kind of hard to read. Now that I'm looking at the player config screen, I'm worried about whether it's readable or if there's just too much dense ASCII. I tried to space it out a bit.

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