The Snap, development log: Day 34

Mac build (r179)
Windows build (r179)

Status: Fully featured controls config screen– you can choose gamepads in addition to the keyboard now, and you can choose whether to use auto aim mode or not. The defaults for both players have been changed to use auto aim mode (meaning, 2 players can actually play on 1 keyboard using the default controls now). The superfluous, vestigial mouse-driven “menus” from earlier in the project have been removed (which felt good) and, since it’s no longer used anywhere, the mouse cursor is now hidden during gameplay. Hitting “esc” now causes you to go “back a screen” until you quit instead of quitting immediately.

Nearly all of these features (all of them except the esc thing, basically) are totally broken, and using them will result in you running into a set of bizarre and inconsistent bugs which somehow exist when I build in release mode, do not exist when I build in debug mode, and may or may not exist on Windows. In release mode on mac it usually reads apparent garbage data instead of the defaults, usually does not create the controls save file (but often later successfully loads the correct data from the file it did not create), and asks for unused buttons (like “fire right”) in auto aim mode. It looks like either I have a subtle memory corruption bug or I’m doing something incredibly illegal with filehandles.

EDIT: Wait, like a minute after I made this post I figured out part of the problem. Somehow the controls prefs file on mac has been getting saved to / instead of to the expected directory. Which is pretty bad. But this does not explain the other problems.

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  1. Paula Vaccarino Says:

    Will you PLEASE contact me???? I’ve tried twice to connect with you on grumpybumpers, to no avail. I’m having trouble with the page; I’ve already loaded 115 tags on the page and I REALLY do not want to start over.

  2. mcc Says:

    Hi Paula, I sent you an email back– did you receive it?

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