The Snap, development log: Day 36

Mac build (r188)
Windows build (r188)

Status: Objectively not a very big change but probably important, a complaint I’ve been getting from playtesters for a long time is that there’s all these copies of yourself on screen and you can’t keep track of which one you’re actually controlling (or, as, one report the other day pointed out, which half of the screen to even look at). So I gave the square you are actually controlling at any one moment a kind of pulsing glow now. (At one point messing around with the blend functions I got this to have a pretty light-bloom effect to it, but this broke other stuff…) If anyone plays this I’d be curious what they think of the player pulsing, did it help, etc.

Oh also the game shows score “totals” on the game over screen now.

Running kind of low on time now so I’m starting to think now about feature triage. The two things I think I’m going to really try to get in before doing final cleanup are music and the health drops. If ammo drops don’t make it in I’ll deal. I made some little sprite things for health, ammo and snap refill canisters. They looked terrible. Then I talked to Kyou, who did the sprite work for Jumpman, and he made these and they look awesome.

Current plan is to try to use one of these for the health refills.

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