The Shadowland Prophesy

A game I made on the last day of Molyjam 2012. I am so, so sorry.

Inspired by this tweet.

This game requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible computer.

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  1. Begemot Says:

    This game is truly a classic for the ages. An emotional tour de force, proof that games are worthy of being considered art!

  2. Loren Schmidt Says:

    This game features extensive use of a 3d physics library.

  3. Laura Michet Says:

    I cried. And they weren’t even crocodile tears.

  4. PierdoleZjebolec Says:

    Is it suppose to crash when I finally press start?

  5. BunLass Says:

    Love it.
    Well done.

  6. Subliminalman Says:

    This belongs in a museum! The world must know the amazingness of this game! No! This art!

  7. greay Says:

    No seriously. Is it supposed to crash? or is that part of the joke…

  8. Mike M Says:

    I loved the part with the 3D jetpack dinosaur rabbits.

  9. PatchworkDoll Says:

    What? No PhysX support? Bah.

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  11. mcc Says:

    Version 1.0.1, uploaded 4/8/12. Changes:

    – Improved Unicode support
    – Fix graphical glitching on some video cards
    – Linux version

    If you want to play the original game-jam version, see here.

  12. Washp Says:

    How do you keep making these amazing games so quickly?! i’ve been fallowing your site since you just had jump man and drumcircle and yet every time i come on you have a new game. and they just keep getting better and better. i only wish you would make your games universal apps so i can play these on my old power pc laptop that i’m unfortunately stuck with. well i just wanted to say thanks and tell you to keep up the retro.

    your fan,

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  15. Hmmm Says:

    Windows version encounters a write to a null address when you press enter over start after messing through the options?

  16. Josh Says:

    I can’t get the Linux version to launch. Am I doing something wrong?

  17. mcc Says:

    Josh: I’ve been contacted by multiple people saying the Linux version doesn’t work for them. I think either the Linux version only works on Ubuntu 10.10, or possibly it doesn’t work at all. I will try to make a more compatible build as soon as I can. Thanks!

  18. 23 Says:

    Linux version works fine on Arch.

    Very clever – enjoyed it!

  19. Josh Says:

    FYI, my error message (in Ubuntu 11.04) is:

    ./ADP: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ not found (required by ./ADP)

    I hope the Linux version gets fixed soon! It looks awesome!

  20. Pc problemerløses her Says:

    Pc problemerløses her…

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  21. kirot Says:

    Might want to note that the the RPG maker graphics set contains an EULA that states that the materials can only be used in RPG Maker by owners of an RPG Maker license. Thought I’d point that out now, especially since RPG Maker now has an active English marketer/management group (Degica).

  22. mcc Says:

    Version 1.0.2, uploaded 4/30/12. Changes: Linux version rebuilt for better compatibility, it should work now on, at least, more versions of Ubuntu than it did before. Windows and Mac versions were not updated.

  23. Carson Says:

    Awesome game. Stumped me for a bit in the beginning but, that’s why I loved it. Great adaptation of the original tweet. 5/5

  24. Aidan Says:

    I felt really bad about leaving the title screen, so now I’m writing a really long and complex config file about rabbits with lasers, which I’ll probably post somewhere.

    I’m only like 10% joking.

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