Sweet Nothings

A collection of small art/music toys I’ve made over the last six months. Some are interactive, some are not. Included are “Brainfarm”, “CS/1”, “Devil’s Chord”, “A Cube for You”, “pxswap()” and “Sun Sets”.


All of these are improved versions of things previously posted on my anti-games page. I made the collection to submit to something called the “Experimental Gaming Workshop”.

Customer testimonials

“WHAT IS THIS MACHINE” — Porpentine, Rock Paper Shotgun

“I wonder if second one is broken; I’m not sure what the expected behavior is but the sound is static and only part of the screen animates…” — Hannah Greenwood

“Please turn that off, it’s really loud.” — Diana Heideman

4 Responses to “Sweet Nothings”

  1. ZackLivestone Says:

    Been lurking your site for a long time, thought I might as well offer some small, fleeting encouragement. You are very good at things that do stuff that aren’t games, and of course games. Best wishes for future endeavors.

  2. STereochan Says:

    These are amazing. Now if there was a way to switch between them without returning to the selection screen, it’d be perfect for cheap bands and live shows and such. Great work.

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    […] readme cites Andi McClure as an inspiration. I especially like her Sweet Nothings […]

  4. Once & Someday Software Experiments » Exolymph Says:

    […] Cover art from McClure’s collection Sweet Nothings. […]

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