Player Piano

For my submission to the SHARECART 1000 project, a simple FM synthesizer/sequencer. When installed with other SHARECART 1000 games, Player Piano will allow you to listen to your SHARECART save files as music.

Note that auto-save on quit will only work if you quit by pressing “ESC”.


3 Responses to “Player Piano”

  1. sonny Says:

    You are the one who created datafall, right?
    What….happened to it?
    And what happened to the Complete Bullshit Content Aggregator? If you aren’t interested in hosting it anymore, could you release the source?

  2. mcc Says:

    Hi Sonny. Yup, that was me. I took Datafall/Complete Bullshit down because nobody was using it and it was a little bit resource-intensive to host (at least if nobody was using it). And sure, I can release the source. I’ll try to dig that up and upload it to BitBucket ( my BitBucket page is at ). Is there somewhere I can contact you when it’s up, if you’re interested?

  3. sonny Says:

    You never did get around to uploading that.
    Did you lose the source or did you just forget?

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