Jumpman Level Database

So my Jumpman game has a level editor, and I thought I should make a place for people to put the level packs they’ve made.

Until I think of a better way to do this: if you made a level pack you want to share, zip up the .jmp and email it to jumpmanlevels@gmail.com and I’ll post it here. Include the name you want me to identify you by, and (if you want) a URL to link you at. (Notes: By emailing me your level pack, you are of course giving me permission to mirror it here. I reserve the right to not post your level pack, or to omit your URL, or to write whatever description seems appropriate.)

If you want to play anything below, just download the file into the same folder as the Jumpman program and unzip it. Then run Jumpman and click “Editor”.

All the level packs below are under 15 kilobytes. For calibration on the times, I can beat the main Jumpman level pack in about 15 minutes (…I’ve had practice).


Peter Mawhorter’s Levels
(Operation Jumpman, Jumpquest, Pixels, Slalom, Uneven)
Peter has made an entire series of excellent level packs which you can download at his website above.

Creator: mcc | Type: Playground | Added: 3-22-09
A little experiment I made which I think you will find interesting. It’s only one level long but it may take you awhile. There is no exit, your goal is to reach the orange ball.

Creator: fzeroracer | Type: Cruel Challenge | Added: 3-1-09
Do you think Jumpman is hard? Jumpman is not hard. This is hard.

Creator: Fly | Type: Playground | My time: 0:26, 0 lives
Fly is from Chile. I assume the “Sonic” burger chain must be very popular in Chile, since I cannot think of anything else this name could possibly be in reference to.

Creator: ToastyKen | Type: Platformer | Added: 3-1-09 | My time: 5:26, 23 lives
A collection of platforming challenges in strangely familiar settings.

Creator: Mikesta | Type: Cruel Challenge | Added: 3-1-09 | My time: 26:41, 152 lives
Mikesta takes the editor’s edge cases and does something truly epic with them.

Jumpman Gaiden (beta)
Creator: Kitsune Zeta | Type: Platformer | Added: 3-3-09 | My time: 3:26, 5 lives
This is the guy who’s been posting in the comments saying that he is trying to create a level pack that can serve as a full replacement for the Jumpman main level set, complete with tutorial levels. The version linked here is only like 15 levels but it seems to be going well. The sense of visual style is fantastic, the early bits look, like… art deco, somehow, which I’m not sure how pixel art can even be art deco but it seems to work?

Creator: AndrewFM | Type: Platformer | Added: 3-3-09 | My time: 3:26, 5 lives
A fairly basic level set but with some very creative ideas in places. Warning, it appears to be possible to get permanently stuck in level 13.

Creator: Zachary Nicholas | Type: Platformer | Added: 3-22-09 | My time: 3:28, 30 lives
A short series of platforming challenges.

Kyou’s Playground
Creator: Kyou | Type: Playground | Added: 3-1-09 | My time: 0:57, 11 lives
Kyou has some fun with the physics engine… maybe a little too much fun.

Creator: Farik | Type: Short Platformer | Added: 3-1-09 | My time: 3:50, 1 life
A neat little combination of platforming level and pixel art.

Creator: Fly | Type: Short Platformer | Added: 3-1-09 | My time: 0:56, 14 lives
Fly does not see what’s so great about platforms that stay in one place.


A man named JB Winter sends in this awesome hypothetical Jumpman box art. I can totally imagine seeing this at Babbage’s.

Jumpman box art


Jumpman fanart by Taya

Update 2/22/11: This mindblowing image was sent in by sQuiz:

Jumpman fanart by sQuiz

26 Responses to “Jumpman Level Database”

  1. Mikesta Says:

    omg, mcc, <3

    The funny thing about my levels is that I toned them down considerably while I was making them. They were a lot more unfair at first.

  2. Mikesta Says:

    Also, holy crap, JumpPAC is awesome.

  3. ortoslon Says:

    In Precaution, it is too easy to fall offscreen. Is there a button to restart only one level instead of the whole path?

  4. Kitsune Zeta Says:

    Yeah, Precaution is too unforgiving in that respect. fall off the edge of the level and you have to restart the whole ordeal.

    I’m working on a 100-level levelset, 15 of which have been finished (well, 14, really… I might redo one of the levels due to it being too “gimmicky” in my opinion). I’ve already sent the WIP beta to mcc, but for those that are impatient for new potentially sane levels, I’ve also uploaded it as well.


    currently has 3 paths of 5 levels each: a control introduction, a hazard introduction, and one set of 5 normal levels. It is (unless I’ve missed something in one of the other levelsets) the first levelset to make you do the same level twice, hitting a different exit each time. You’ll see what I mean when you reach it.

  5. Peter Says:

    I’ve played through all of the sets here, and I notice that people seem to be adverse to using the checkpoint tool (hold control and click on the spawn point to select it). Either that, or people don’t know that it exists… In any case, reasonably frequent checkpoints would make some of the existing levels here much better, because as is they are to some degree an exercise in frustration. Of course, there are some levels here that can’t be much improved by checkpoints :(. Tapping left and right gently and exactly isn’t my idea of fun, especially not when I’m forced to repeat the same sequence about 20 times, with no recourse if I screw up even once. My philosophy (espoused by my levels posted here (or at least, it will be when they’re updated)) is that checkpoints should be frequent, because that allows the casual player to have more fun. If someone is speedrunning, they won’t be able to use checkpoints anyways (takes too much time), so checkpoints don’t make the level any “easier” for people who enjoy the challenge. Checkpoints can also help speedrunners develop strategies for different parts of a level without having to play through all of it every time they want to experiment.

    That said, several of the level packs here were enjoyable.

    In case someone reads this before my entry is updated, my 4-path level pack is available at:


  6. FZeroRacer Says:

    Haha, sorry about Precaution. It was actually made a bit early into Jumpmans development and I don’t think there was a checkpoint feature.

    And I did have a bit of a fascination with falling off screen too. I may end up toning it down a bit here.

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  8. paul Says:

    i am trying to add a checkpoint in one of my levels but the control-click does not work. how do i insert a checkpoint?


  9. Peter Says:

    Try both control buttons? I run Jumpman under Wine, and when I’m running Compiz as my window manager I have to use my right control button. They both work fine under Metacity, so the problem is something relatively crazy, I think, and chances are you’re having a different problem… but the solution *could* be the same.

    In other news, I’ve made a couple more level sets, all accessible from:


  10. paul Says:

    peter, thanks for the advice, but it still doesn’t work on mine. i’m using intel mac os x 10.5.6 if that helps anyone…

  11. Guy Says:

    Could you put more level packs up please?

  12. mcc Says:

    Added a level pack I made named “Freefall”, a contribution by a Mr. Zachary Nicholas, and links to all of Peter Mawhorter’s levels. Thanks all, and I’ll try to get better about adding the level packs people emailed me more quickly.

  13. Guy Says:

    thanks, by the way are you gonna make an area where people can upload their own levels themselves,
    or are you gonna keep it how it is now?

  14. mcc Says:

    Guy, I would definitely prefer for people to be able to upload levels themselves rather than going through me, but I don’t know when I’m gonna have time to get something like that set up.

  15. Guy Says:

    Ok, whenever you have time.
    Until then……I will wait.

  16. Peter Says:

    Some of the links to my levels above may be broken now, because I’ve rearranged things on my website to accommodate an increasing number of level packs. A list of all of the levels that I’ve created, with links to each, is available at:


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  18. Dean Says:

    How come whenever I try to access these levels, I get the shutdown message “Everything is broken”? How do I fix the xml file? Someone help me! I really want to play these creative levels…

  19. Dom Says:

    Maybe two weeks ago i sent you an e-mail with 3 level packs. Didn’t you get them or why didn’t you load them up here?

  20. Serdar Says:

    ı don’t pass a level. who want’s to help me?
    I’m ın path6 to second level.
    In this level have a ball and 4 enemy and shape of octagon
    please help me!!!

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  23. Brien Hopkins Says:

    Jump Man is frustrating as all hell. Said ‘to hell with it’ somewhere during path 6. Frustration sucked out the fun. The collision detection is way too unforgiving. There’s a level of mastery required here -learning how wide the enemies invisible collision parameters are- that I don’t care to work toward. What’s especially annoying is the way those green spikey guys, that seem to hit you, when you didn’t touch them, but only got very close to touching them.

    ‘Challenge’ and ‘frustration’ are different things. Challenge is fun, and satisfying. Frustration is when I feel like the game’s developer just wants to piss me off.

  24. midjitman Says:

    anyone know how to do the effect that when the rotate button is pressed it doesn’t stop rotating?

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