This is a game I made with Liz Ryerson. I programmed and Liz did all the actual work. We made this for Ludum Dare 25, the 72-hour jam; the theme was “You Are The Villain”. I shall leave it up to you if it fits that theme or not. It is very mysterious. Only Liz knows what it means for sure.


You can find the Ludum Dare competition entry page for the game here.

This game requires an OpenGL 2.0 compatible computer to run.

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  1. mcc Says:

    Final judging came back, out of 425 games in the jam this ranked:

    #6 for Mood (4.04/5)
    #32 for Audio (3.66/5)
    #136 for Graphics (3.37/5)
    #143 for Innovation (2.96/5)
    #176 for Overall (2.96/5)
    #218 for Humor (2.20/5)
    #271 for Theme (2.58/5)
    #287 for Fun (2.18/5)

    Stay tuned for updates on an expanded version.

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