Lesbian Spider Mars Queens

Run Hello is proud to present a piece of video game history: an unlicensed port of Midway’s arcade hit “Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars”, released for the Atari XL in 1992 by Latvian developer Sveiki Atvyke. “Lesbian Spider Mars Queens” is noteworthy for, unusually, abandoning the arcade version’s top-down gameplay in favor of a “first person shooter” format that pushed the XL to its limits; this arguably makes it one of the first person shooters ever commercially released, predating Wolfenstein 3D by several months.


This is an FPS version of Anna Anthropy‘s game Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars that I made for Anna for her birthday. She said what she wanted for her birthday was fanart, so I made this. My high score is 2100; see if you can beat that.

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