Every game I’ve ever made

Here’s a Vine video fitting every game I’ve made for this site (30 games made over five years), including games I never released, into six seconds.

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  1. mcc Says:

    To add to the above, my post here seems to have set off a thing of indie devs using Vine to post reels of their as-of-yet unfinished games. Ones I’ve seen in the last week or so:

    Terry Cavanagh (9 prototypes)

    Alex Lanzetta (12-ish prototypes)

    Michael Brough (20-ish prototypes)

    Sergio Cornaga (6 prototypes)

    Andre C. (4 prototypes)

    Stephen Lavelle (75 games)

    My post is also now out of date, as in the intervening weekend I made another game 😛 More on that shortly.

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