Transgender Day of Visibility 2013: Twine Jukebox

This past Saturday I participated in an event called the Transgender Day of Visibility at the DeFrank Center here in San Jose. Part of the event was showcasing art by transgender artists, and for the second year in a row the organizer Lance Moore asked me to curate a selection of video games made by trans* indies. This year, along with Lim by Merritt Kopas and my own Sweet Nothings collection, I decided to set up a computer loaded with text-based adventure games made in Twine. We wound up with a collection of 23 games by 10 authors, covering adventure games, personal stories, poetry, porn, and at least one simulation of being devoured by a computer. The games all run in a web browser, so you can play them yourself right now:

Big thanks to Porpentine for helping me assemble the collection.

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